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Monday, 18 February 2013

FOSTV60 - Recipe Card

Hi - Today's challenge over at FOSTV is to make a Recipe Card.  Now I am not a great collector of recipes, I collect them and then don't organise them or find them again when I want to use them. 

The recipe I have on this card today is an exception in terms of use - it is so well used that the original is on paper that is really tatty and the recipe is hardly legible.  I remember scribbling it down when we were first married as Mum dictated it over the phone.  Well it was time to correct things so I have typed it up and mounted it up and I will laminate it so it is easy to keep clean.  I did a second one so I can give it to my nephew and maybe my sister will supervise him making it.

If you want the recipe please just email me - I am sure Mum won't mind.  In fact there is a funny story that goes with this recipe that I will share with you.

When I was about 14 I worked as a Saturday girl in a local bakers.  The couple that owned it were not born in the UK (Willi was from Germany and his wife Henrietta was from Czechoslovakia) so had some lovely recipes but not one for bread pudding. 
Bakers have left over bread and buns frequently so Henrietta was searching for ways to use them - she found a recipe for Bread and Butter pudding and tried that!  Bread and Butter pudding is a dessert and needs to be eaten with a spoon - not something you can cut up and serve in slices in a shop! 
I was talking with them one day when clearing up and mentioned my Mum and her bread pudding.  Henrietta contacted Mum and wanted to exchange recipes - she was not used to people being prepared to just give them!  Well Bread Pudding went on to the Bakery goods and lots of local workmen came and bought it to have with their morning or afternoon Cuppa! 

Well finally here are my recipes all poshed up!

 We would love to see your interpretation of this week's challenge which you can find over at Speedy TV as FOSTV Challenge 60.  There are plenty of other challenges at Speedy TV too so lots of stamp sets to win.  The winner of this week's challenge will get the set called Oh Beans.

Have fun with this challenge!


  1. Janine,
    What a wonderful story about the background of the recipe for the bakery! Your recipe cards are really adorable!!

  2. That is a very cool story to go with the famous Bread Pudding Janine! Your cards are beautifully done too!!


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