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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Christmas Cards in May (just!) - CCC15

I have been beavering away to complete my Christmas Cards for May. My aim was 12 cards a month and so far I am up to date - my commitment to 3 tags a month is sadly not doing so great.

Here are the cards many with Christmas baubles but a few random ones too.

One side

Other side


  1. ah...they are some that I really, really like , the ornament one with the nativity, the embossed pine cones are great too and some of the other ornaments ones too, lots of work and all great cards

  2. Janine, you are amazing!!! So far I am doing worse than last year. I think I might have 3 cards total. Yikes!!! You really rocked Christmas this month!!! Each one is is splendid! Not picking a favorite cuz they are all favorites when we create them, arent' they!!! I am just now noticing the other side of your snowman card! That's hilarious!!! Hugs to you!!!


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