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Friday, 19 December 2014

Angie's Christmas

It is a bit much when you send someone a Christmas card and then ask them to photograph it.  Cheekily I did that with this card as I posted it off to Angie, without taking any photos.  This was one of my personalised cards so I wanted to be able to share it. Angie's black cat Storm gets to feature on her blog quite often but Lilbit less so.  Storm is the more inquisitive one checking out that star.  I tried to get their colouring roughly right.

Happy Christmas to Angie and the Bode crew including the feline members.


  1. love that kittie looking at the star

  2. Oh I love this so! You made me squeal when I saw it!! Yes, you colored both cats perfectly! You caught Storm's "catitude" just right, she would definitely be the one trying to catch a star!!! I can't thank you enough for creating this beauty for me and personalizing it with Storm and Lil Bit!!!! I will treasure it!!!!

  3. oh that is so sweet that you included the babies!! what a beautiful card.


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